Off-Season Triathlon Training Ideas from T2Coaching, Wendy Mader

Contact Coach Wendy Mader: Wendy is co-founder and owner of t2coaching and has made a long-lasting dedication to physical fitness, sports, coaching, and triathlon. From her youth as a competitive swimmer to her current profession in the physical fitness market, her commitment shines. Wendy is a former college swimmer and has 20 years experience in triathlon consisting of 13 Ironmans. She is the head coach for Rocky Mountain High School, and is a Colorado Females of Influence member & Affiliate of the Womens Sports Foundation.

MS, USAT Level II, TRX and ACE Certified
Winner, 2008 Kona 1st Total Amateur


: Dave Erickson is Multi-Media Producer, Online Magnate, Automotive Authority, Ironman Triathlete, Fitness Professional, TV Host and Podcaster. Service queries:

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